Lucius commented on a Page, CHAT BOT RPG / FIGHTING / SLAVERY / GAME  -  Jul 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone for the interest in my game.
I've fallen off the radar a little recently, but if there's more need I'll re-continue my newer complete rpg game.

Everyone these days just seems to want an idle rpng (role playing NOT game) and I don't do those. weeks of work for someone to sit in a room silently and wait for random shit to happen for them... I just don't see the point, any idle rpg discussions always boil down to... "I can do nothing better than you, or, while doing nothing I had some good/bad luck."
It's far too easy rot your brain doing nothing than something, thats why I'm a gamer more than a tv watcher, a scripter more than a reader, a sport player more than a sport watcher (thought neither much hehe) and do the lovin' instead of watching it.

RANT OVER lol ja ne!

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