Yawhatnever commented on a Page, PM notifier - accept or decliner v1.1  -  Jun 09, 2012

The /dec command is already a built in function for mIRC. You should rename it, because it conflicts with any script that uses /dec to decrease a variable.

I realize this is 4-5 years old, but if anyone stumbles upon this snippet and happens to read the comments just be aware that /dec may need to be edited to /decline or something similar if you have issues.

In case you were wondering I just Googled to find the original script after I fixed an endless loop issue for a friend caused by the conflict I described above.

nyfi  -  Feb 15, 2013

Adjusted. Thank you for your feedback. Surprised people are still using this as I wrote this back when I was at school. Seems like such a long time ago now!

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