Yawhatnever commented on a Page, jaytea's Highlight Thing  -  May 09, 2012


Ok, so I tracked down a bug that happened literally on my first test message of the highlight window. I was using mibbit to test and it seemed to be failing to change colors and be clickable for some of the lines.

Eventually I realized it was because mibbit adds another space after tabbing a name. Consecutive spaces and trailing spaces are causing $fline to fail on the hotlink because the line in the hash has had the extra spaces stripped out during /hl_addLine.

I managed to find a workaround by replacing the extra $chr(32) with $chr(160) and then replacing them back for $hl_findLine so that the line would change colors and was clickable, but again ran into mIRC stripping all of the spaces for /findtext :(

I can't find any way to manipulate a window to scroll to the correct line to avoid /findtext (somebody suggested $com but it took 7 seconds to scroll 1500 lines) and I also can't figure out any way to keep /findtext from stripping the extra spaces. Using ctrl+f with multiple consecutive spaces does work, so I think I'll try to use sendKeys for that (I barely understand COM yet :( )

It wasn't your fault, just "mIRC being an asshole" (direct quote).

Beautiful script though, I learned a lot just figuring out how it works :P

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