Jonesy44   -  May 02, 2012

Follow me. I'm awesome.

Hawkee  -  May 02, 2012

I'm going to be making a little button so you can share your profile link to hopefully gain more followers.

Jonesy44  -  May 02, 2012

Top plan!

Hawkee  -  May 02, 2012

I'm also considering better profile urls, maybe something like!/jonesy44 like Twitter does. I'm hesitant to do because I'd like to keep that available for platforms. Any suggestions?

Jonesy44  -  May 02, 2012

I like the idea. A person search would be very handy too! :)

Hawkee  -  May 02, 2012

Yes, I've got that on the todo list as well. It's not far from being a reality with the current infrastructure.

BlueThen  -  May 03, 2012

The /#!/ part always seemed kind of awkward to me at twitter. Would /user/ or /u/ suffice?

Hawkee  -  May 03, 2012

@BlueThen yes the #! is mainly for their Javascript, so I don't think we want to do that here. I'm considering just doing which would be ideal. I just need to come up with a username blocklist to prevent users from squatting on potential features.

SReject  -  May 04, 2012

So where ya going? Gotta know the destination before I follow you :X

Jonesy44  -  May 04, 2012

In circles most likely!

SReject  -  May 04, 2012

OMG! Circles?!?!?!? Im in!

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