kiri commented on a Page, Chatspace Memo System  -  May 01, 2012

you should have done a single event and you sent the raw data in the same event almost 519

Suggestion :

raw *:*:{
  if !$dialog(memos.system) {
    if ($istok(275.269,$numeric,46) memod
    elseif $numeric == 277 { memod | var %x = $5 | .set %memotime $asctime($ctime(%x 1/1/1), h:nn:ss TT) | did -az memos.system 1 $2-4 %memotime $6- }
  else {
    if $numeric == 519 {
      if ($2 == $me) {
        did -rav memos.system 12 your nick must be registered before you can send a memo to someone
      else {
        did -rav memos.system 12 your memo to $2 could not be sent because $2-
      did -h memos.system 1,2,4-6,9 
      did -v memos.system 3,7-8
      did -rnav memos.system 13 enter a nick to send a memo to
    elseif ($numeric == 276) did -az memos.system 2 $2-
alias memod dialog $iif($dialog(memos.System),-v,-md memos.System) memos.System

and everywhere in your code collects orders possible

lines : 60-64

did -v memos.system 2,3,13
      did -h memos.system 1,4
      did -m memos.system 13
      did -r memos.system 2,13
      did -a memos.system 13 Memo $gettok($did(1).seltext,1,32) from $gettok($did(1).seltext,2,32)
      did -v $dname 3
      did -h $dname 1,4
      did -vr $dname 2
      did -rvam $dname 13 Memo $gettok($did(1).seltext,1,32) from $gettok($did(1).seltext,2,32)

and I see you doing that

did-h memos.system 2,3,7-8,12-13

but as to the function of 12,13 - not used here

can also be added to warn that this can only use if you are registered

 if r isincs $ usermode

if you make a next version you can make a counter letters still possible in the message, for example :)
good coding ;)

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