_Dean_ commented on a Page, BeST PRoTeCTioN  -  Apr 23, 2012

i think you could short this a little bit...

   /mode $chan +b $address($nick,1)
    /ban $chan $nick 2
    /ban $chan $nick
    /mode $chan +b $nick
    kick # $nick  $+ $rand(2,15) $+ , $+ $rand(2,15) $+ BaN PRoTeCTioN $+


ban -k $chan $nick 2  $+ $rand(2,15) $+ , $+ $rand(2,15) $+ BaN PRoTeCTioN $+

your version will ban $nick 3 times

by the way you're using a timer in a "on kick" event

on !@*:KICK:#:{ 
  if ( $knick == $me ) {   
    .timer 1 1 join $chan
    .timer 1 1 mode $chan -o $nick
    .timer 1 1 kick $chan $nick  $+ $rand(2,15) $+ , $+ $rand(2,15) $+ KiCK PRoTeCTioN $+
    .timer 1 1 /mode $chan +b $nick 
    .timer 1 1 /ban $chan $nick
    .timer 1 1 /ban $chan $nick 2
    .timer 1 1 /mode $chan +b $address($nick,1)

since you used the same time for all the events, some of them, wont work...
mode $chan -o $nick
and ban things...

the on join event, will be triggered when you join again, and the on join event recognizes everyone as regular users
so it will return

  • /ban: invalid parameters
    KICK Not enough parameters

for the raw event you can use

raw *:*:{
  if $istok(471 473 475 474,$numeric,32) { cs invite $2 }
if ($numeric == 474) { cs unban $2 $me | cs invite $2 }

on the "on ban" event, there is missing a mask

mode $chan -ob+eea $nick $banmask $address($me,1) $address($me,2)

you have used the +a for no one, so it wont +a no one....
by the way in some networks +a means "admin" and only Owners can set +a

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