Fawkes commented on a Page, Scroll Append - Inifinite/Endless Scroll  -  Apr 16, 2012

Like twitter/facebook. Show More post's ?

oguzhan.kahyaoglu  -  Apr 18, 2013

By the way, your script does not work in IE7 and below due to the weird standarts of IE: an array option cannot end with a comma.

    pixelBuffer: 400,
    pageVar: 'p',
    expireCacheMins: 20,
    pagesToPause: 5,
    loadingImage: '/images/loading.gif',
    moreText: 'Show More',
    disableCache: false,
    footerClass: undefined,
    contentClass: undefined,
    footerSpeed: 400,

The last comma (around footerSpeed, line 75) is extra. Removing it fixes the issue : )

Hawkee  -  Apr 18, 2013

@oguzhan.kahyaoglu Thank you, that was not intentional.

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