Hawkee   -  Apr 07, 2012

I just added avatars to the @mention autocomplete and made some speed adjustments. Let me know what you think.

BigSteve  -  Apr 07, 2012

@Hawkee nice one :D

N3M3S1S  -  Apr 07, 2012

Speed adjustments? To the website? It does seem faster :D

Hawkee  -  Apr 07, 2012

@N3M3S1S I did make some adjustments to the site a few days ago, but this particular post was pertaining to the speed of the @mention autocomplete.

Abcdefmonkey  -  Apr 07, 2012

@Hawkee I can tell. :) Before it took quite some time for the autocomplete to popup. Also, nice on the avatar addition.

Hawkee  -  Apr 07, 2012

@Abcdefmonkey I still have some more adjustments to make to it. I plan to cache the names most likely to be mentioned so those will come up instantly.

Abcdefmonkey  -  Apr 07, 2012

Sounds like a plan to me. Excellent job on improving the site lately. You're doing a great job! :)

Jordyk19  -  Apr 08, 2012

Very good! :D

Firstmate  -  Apr 08, 2012

This is my opinion, but I think it should automatically be inserted (the hyperlink), even if the user doesn't hit the autocompleted entry.

Hawkee  -  Apr 09, 2012

@Firstmate There is a very good reason I did it this way. If you @mention somebody who has a space in their name it would be very difficult to parse the text to convert it to a link. For this reason I have a hidden field that mirrors the text as you type except the username is encoded with the user_id. So when this is saved to the database it's actually saved like this: @ [47706]. In order for this to happen you need to select the name from the autocomplete dropdown. This is how it works on Facebook and Google+. Only Twitter parses the actual text of the post and they can get away with it because there are no spaces in their usernames.

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