gooshie commented on a Page, CSS treeview  -  Apr 06, 2012

Nice! Thanks, I am needing some type menus about now.

I like the new code blocks and hope you are thinking how to set the height/length
based on number of lines so you dont have a verticle scroll and not so much empty
space. A line or two more than needed would be nice up to like maybe one hundred
lines of code at which point you get the verticle scroll bar. Or much better would be
that the maximum size is about same as browser height as its tough to have to scroll
both ways if the code block is too much larger than available space. That part of the
original design was not really bad before. I do however like the addition of multiple
blocks exactly for code like what sunslayer posted here. Also of course the line numbers
are GREAT idea and will make referencing code sections easier. Syntax highlighting for
a seemingly infinite number of languages.... good luck with that... wouldnt want to be you..

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