KilllerX commented on a Page, No Facebook? Get Kicked (Work In Progress)  -  Mar 23, 2012

Personally, I was just showing, for future scripts, if he doesn't want ops to see it (or use [chances are slim]), to use isreg to look if that person is a regular user. Then having to many if ($1 = text) using the same text, typically isn't the best idea. And as long as you name all your timers. rather then using a timer1, a timer, and a timer2. While if Timer1 is being used, timer would then take the timer2 position, and if you have something for timer2, triggered. IT wouldn't activate, due to timer taking over timer2. Good idea to get in the habbit, of giving names to them as Maybe even if this is a multi-channel. using the $chan in it, so it doesn't clog up others using it on another chan. Just thoughts. random things, that swirl across the stead of my mind.

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