Meta commented on a Page, No Facebook? Get Kicked (Work In Progress)  -  Mar 23, 2012

The on JOIN event triggers before any modes are set, so you will need to use a timer in order to check if the person joining is an op or similar. I'd recommend creating an alias to perform the commands, and then call that with a timer in the event.

As for the rest of the script, you might want to be careful about calling your timer "timer1" as well as using the on open event for this...

  • I can't check right now, but since timers use numbered names by default, the one used in the on JOIN will probably replace an unnamed timer that happened to be set before
  • I believe the on OPEN event will only trigger when the query window is opened, so if the bot already happens to have a query window with the person answering, it'll never trigger.

Also, quick idea: maybe you could set a temporary storage system so that the bot doesn't ask the same person over and over whether or not they have a facebook every time they join the/a channel..?

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