TehJibba commented on a Page, Yet Another Youtube Title grabber  -  Feb 26, 2012

Nice guys thank you all for your suggestions. i will test and implement the changes today.

@ ProIcons i only seperated it out as the pm one isnt really for a bot you can put it into your personal remotes and use it to grab urls pm'd to you. but yes combining them is doable.

@MakiMaki ty for the new regex lines. Im fairly new at using regex , als youtube has been messing with the url formating so all i want to grab is whats after v= no matter where it is in the url. if that regex does it ( at the time of writing this i havent tested) then sweet ill use it.
As for the replace line i couldnt think of a better/simpler way to do it and i tried to do just one and it threw out error's on me and i couldnt get it to work so i just did multiples. ty for showing me how to use just one :)

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