commented on a Page, Status Bar DCX   -  Jan 16, 2012

thought I would share Mine with you all

on *:START: { }
on *:ACTIVE:*:{ }

alias { xstatusbar  -A 1 notheme | .timer -m 2 8 }
alias {
  var %s xstatusbar, %c 12
  %s -f +ab ansi 10 Calibri
  %s -k $color($color(listbox))
  %s -l 150 300 250 250 100%

  %s -t 1 +fn 1 %c $network
  %s -t 2 +fn 2 %c System Uptime: $uptime(system,1)
  %s -t 3 +fn 3 %c mIRC Uptime: $uptime(mirc,1)
  %s -t 4 +fn 4 %c Whisper: $iif($hget(info,nwhisper),$+([,$numtok($hget(info,nwhisper),44),]) $hget(info,nwhisper),[0] Zero New Whispers)
  %s -t 5 1 5  

  ;Gen Icons
  %s -w + 0 icons\chatcore.ico
  %s -w + 0 icons\info.ico
  %s -w + 0 icons\mirc.ico
  %s -w + 0 icons\whisper.ico 
  %s -w + 0 icons\write.ico

Note You MUST have the DCX tools alias or this will not work!!!

  • Change the icon file path to the icons you wish to use.
  • Change content as you see the need for
  • Change the %c var to the font color you wish to use.
    Screenshot for those that wanted to see what it looks like.

    I Edit this to reflect something I learned

  • f flag info thanks to err0r thanks dude :P
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