DFSFOT commented on a Page, funny wale script :D  -  Jan 14, 2012

@MashhitDK tons of thanks man.
i dont see much differents with my script but i think i will use it this way if everybody likes it in this way.
this is my first official script/snippet and i dont know alot about scripting in mIRC yet. i learned everything from a site (#beginners)
and i need some things that must be complained because otherway i cant use it on my next scripts
tell me a little bit about else/elseif/if (very little bit i think i know most of it and do it need end if?)
what do this mean? (!$2) i know $2 but why !?
and do you exactly mean with $strip?
it would be very nice if anyone can answer those questions.
thanks in advanced

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