Spoof commented on a Page, Command list  -  Jan 02, 2012

explain why you thought $2 even needed to be added into:
on $*:text:/^.!@/Si:#:{
if ($regml(1) == wine) && ($2) {
if you added any of the "describe $chan" actions after the bracket and used a close bracket it's still not going to trigger .I stated that if && ($2) was removed and in the "describe $chan" action if $nick were used it would still give the person that activated the trigger's nick in the relayed text.
I also trying to explain that there are a lot of people that use color talker scripts and that most basic trigger scripts like Abcdefmonkey posted example would not allow the trigger to activate without using $strip also.
I don't see how I'm trolling by giving advise about the following comments.Just as you have done on here I am free to give my opinion about something on here.
If you want to talk in a different place other than posting comment after comment feel free to visit me on Peers where you know I am.
Don't hide on here and rant and rag... Join #3amigos.

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