Spoof commented on a Page, Command list  -  Jan 02, 2012

First off,
To iGhostScripts:
On all the .describe $chan parts take out $2 and change it to $nick cause it will still say the persons nick that has triggered the script.

To Jethro: Your example using $2 fails and doesn't work, so before giving misleading advice about alternatives to better coding test it before you post it cause all it will do is confuse people that are trying to learn. The code will work if you take out the $2 part.
your post: if ($regml(1) == wine) && ($2) {
change to: if ($regml(1) == wine) {
NOTE: by using $regml format as shown by Jethro it allows other nicks in the channel to use color talker scripts and still also use your triggers.

To xbox_gamer1 :
your version will not be detected by people using color talkers without stripping the $1. So that's a fail as far as being user friendly for the whole room. Plus you also are using the $2 in the describe $chan section.
Seriously $nick works fine.

In the future please test your post cause it really makes it look like you don't know anything about what your talking about. B.T.W. I tested everything you guys posted and cleaned up your messes.... You're Welcome.

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