pball commented on a Page, Sticky Note Custom Window  -  Dec 22, 2011

You are misinterpreting how the notes are formatted. There is the name of the note @Note_1 and the content, which is made up of separate lines due to using the listbox mode of the @window. So the ini would be formatted like so.

[size]= 100 100 300 200
1=line 1 of note
2=another line of note
3=and so on

I also realize having the window be in listbox mode has disadvantages like lines don't wrap so the length of a line is limited to how wide you can make the window. However I wanted to be able to add multiple items to the note and be able to interact with them, something I don't know if you can do with normal lines in an @window

I wanted this to be a simple system so I used built in things like @windows, if you want a complex note system a dialog would be the best method but it's not what I was going for.

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