MaSOuD commented on a Page, Kick by Nick length  -  Dec 20, 2011

pff, I just lol'd when i saw that this guy has posted this snippet here. He came to me last night and asked me to write such a snippet for him. Then he f*cked it and posted it here.
This is the original snippet:

I used "$nick ison $chan" because i had /timer in there, (To not flood the guy off the server) so it might that the person weren't in the channel anymore and it would give error....
I'm not saying that i've written this flawlessly... It might have errors, or not working properly. Honestly, i didn't even test it, i just wrote it quickly to give the guy an idea.

Also, about checking "if ($2 isnum 1-) { ...}", it used to be a /command, that's why i just wanted to make sure that the number is positive (Just like jaytea said.). And after that the guy asked me to add a popup for it either.

Another note: I used "$len($$?="Enter length")" because he said that he want to write ???? (one question mark per character) which is really dumb.. i told him to just write a number but he wanted it like this.. lol

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