KuTsuM commented on a Page, Slackers UnrealIRCd IRCop Script  -  Mar 19, 2006

So basically you posted a script, and laid claim to it as your own, and it wasn\'t even yours? Heh. Anyways, this isn\'t mircscripts.org, no need to fight ;p.
As for the code, it\'s not bad, pretty handy. Dispite how cluttered and a bit messy coding, it\'s a pretty good script. Everything looks like it works to me. However, I see that your AKILL uses OperServ (I suspect Anope), so you should add that into your description that this was made for Anope. As for cleaner code, rather then repetitively using $+ you can use $+() once, just delimit by commas :)

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