DND commented on a Page, Slackers UnrealIRCd IRCop Script  -  Mar 19, 2006

The author said he was curious to see what people thought of this snippet but i didn\'t realise only supportive comments where welcomed, however this doesn\'t need to end up as a flame fest so i apologise for calling this a pile of junk.

enigmonk, my comment about this being a pile of junk was directed at the whole snippet, not specifically towards your work. I can understand you wanting to defend your work, that\'s only natural, but goto loops are considered bad practice in general as they are confusing and make the program jump all over the place. I was always taught to avoid them if an alternative was available. Plus in a small popup like this, they\'re not really needed. I offered an alternative that as you said, doesn\'t change the outcome but i do think will improve the popup as a whole. It\'s up to you how you take that comment, it\'s offered as constructive criticism not to just seek fame off your work or rip your idea

I\'m sure the outcome of the rest of the popups works fine slcker76 but would like to put forward some suggestions which i think would make this a better snippet. Again, it\'s up to you how you take this.

The help popups, although they are no doubt helpful when dealing with newer users they aren\'t really anything to do with IRCop commands. I pointed out in my other post some of your popups start with // eg; ..ID://me says to...The double slash isn\'t needed in your popups. Sure they will work with it there, but to bring in a little consistency with your mode popups why not change them all to a single /. In my opinion that would make the whole thing look a little more professional.

I also made mention to a call to an alias which wasn\'t included with the snippet. I think it was in the Release popup but guess it\'s a call for coloring the popup. If you want to include colors within this popup you should really either go back and include the \'c\' with the snippet or amend the ones that call to it.

Have to disagree with you over the mass modes slcker76, just because you may not have needed to perform a mass mode on more than 20 people others will and your popup is a little static. Here\'s an alternative for mass voicing which is more dynamic and will adapt to the number of people you want to voice at any one time;
mass voice:{
if ($$1-) {
var %mode = +, %i = $numtok($1-,32)
while (%i) { %mode = $+(%mode,v) | dec %i }
mode # %mode $1-
Up to you if your interested in using this or any of the other comments above.

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