enigmonk commented on a Page, Slackers UnrealIRCd IRCop Script  -  Mar 18, 2006

DND Wrote:
The AKILL...eeeuuuwwww horrible goto plus are you sure it actually works? This line i mean \"if ($akpa == $false) { goto zero }\" shouldn\'t you be checking for %akpa...anyways why not just do \"if (!%akpa) { halt }

I am the author of the one click akill script. Its sad I have to register just to answer your weak attempt to knock, moch, or even make adjustments to MY script, that do not change the performace of the script, but actually just make it APPEAR that you know what you are talking about. I just wanted to stop in however, and thank you for pile of junk remark.

The only thing that you did with your weak analysis is:

1.) show a typo in the script poster\'s paste, and...
2.) make reference to a command that does THE SAME EXACT thing as the command that is already in place. If your suggestion were to actually increase the functionality of the script, I would welcome it, however, it only appears that you are posting YOUR junk reply and comment on this script, simply to rip off coding of someone else, as well as simply to pose as someone who knows what he is doing. Be creative, make your own script that has the same end results -OR- even better, improve the script\'s functionality.

To my knowledge, there are NO other scripts that offer this service, and not that i really care that many have tested it, and IT DOES work, in point of fact, the only reason i wrote this is because , I was told it couldnt be done, and because a friend asked me to. I encourage you to seek your fame as a leet guru mirc scripter somewhere else, or offer a working and better functioning solution to the request of a script which produces this function WITHOUT ripping off someone else\'s idea. Here are some suggestions for you...

1.) why not add a variable that is set to the raw version of the ircd that is used, so that it may be used on more then one ircd. raw 2 $7 for unreal and $6 for ultimate, i believe. dont quote me though, FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.

2.) why not try to figure out someway to get rid of the timer. I wouldnt suggest using ial for the obvious reasons, however, be creative... im sure there is a way it can be done.

Lastly, thank you for re-itterating the same thing I tell anyone who wants to script something for mirc. READ the help file. I suggest this to you as well. I, by no means, consider myself a good scripter, however, at least I AM original. Just because you know a different way to produce THE SAME EXACT RESULT, doesnt mean you know more, or have done anything grand. READ the help file and help improve the script.

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