slcker76 commented on a Page, Slackers UnrealIRCd IRCop Script  -  Mar 18, 2006

The akill works, and it works quite well I might add. Pile of junk?? why don\'t you come up with something better, then post it. As far as the mass modes, i highly doubt anyone will need to perform mode changes on more than 20 users at once. Secondly this works in its entirety and does everything it is supposed to do. Obviously you didn\'t test it before running your mouth. As far as the help system, its a quick on click answer to some questions that n00bs ask when they join the help channel. And if you can easily improve on the code, then do so. This code does everything exactly as it is supposed to. If you don\'t like it, don\'t use it. Oh yeah and I have rtfm.

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