DND commented on a Page, Slackers UnrealIRCd IRCop Script  -  Mar 18, 2006

What a pile of junk...and you\'ve been using this for 3 months?? Point and click IRCop! Love the warning notes at the top by the author. Inspires me with confidence ;)

The AKILL...eeeuuuwwww horrible goto plus are you sure it actually works? This line i mean \"if ($akpa == $false) { goto zero }\" shouldn\'t you be checking for %akpa...anyways why not just do \"if (!%akpa) { halt }...theres no need for the goto in there. Your mass modes...only work for a maximum of 20 people? Lastly in some of your help popups your calling to an alias $c(1) which at a guess is to insert colors (??) but you haven\'t included that alias within this snippet so obviously that won\'t work either. It\'s not necessary to start popups with //, some of yours are some aren\'t. Can\'t really check through all those help popups but they look confusing at best. Why does an IRCop need those anyway, especially the last one about disabling the windows firewall? Think i better stop now :P

To the author: sorry this is all pretty harsh but the code could easily be improved on with a small amount of effort and if you are an IRCop, then you really could do with using something well written and not likely to cause you to set the wrong access levels or bans on users. Try reading the helpfile a bit more.

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