jaytea commented on a Page, Custom DCX Identifiers  -  Dec 09, 2011

You talked about "super complicated" at the beginning and then stressed it again at the end.

from Lucius' comment:

if ($super($+(complicated,retireval)))  {

that's where i got "super complicated retrieval" from.

The goes without saying you talked about easy and then ended it "not simple."

i defined what i meant by 'simple', then went on to say that i would also use Lucius' idea in the case where v1 is not necessarily 'super complicated', but merely 'non-simple'.

You jargonized your explanation, to me, in an awkward manner that didn't make it concise

jargon, awkwardness, and verbosity are 3 distinct and negative features that i don't recognize in my post. it may be slightly wordy, but i believe that's often necessary in order to be satisfactorily accurate - all things considered.

let alone those who utilize English as a second language.

are you genuinely worried about this?

I'm just being blunt to say what I want to say as a straight shooter.

that's fine, i like when people do that ;)

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