jaytea commented on a Page, Custom DCX Identifiers  -  Dec 08, 2011

i can see 'philosophy' implying romanticizing or soapboxing (is that a word?) in some way, but i can't see how my post comes across as such. after all, we are discussing a scripting language and not campaigning to end hunger or for world peace ;P

what i dislike is the suggestion that i'm being 'roundabout' or speaking in riddles. it's not the first time i've been accused of it, which is puzzling because i do try to explain things in a direct way that can, primarily, be understood by the person or people i'm talking to, and, secondarily, to any other enthusiast who may come across the post. the distribution of information related to mSL is scattered enough as it is without me having to lead people on an easter egg hunt

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