turbuiance commented on a Page, Kick for posting link  -  Dec 07, 2011

thanks S reject.. I dont really understand that too much.. a little out of my league.. this is what i came up with

on $:text:/.(?=com\b|net\b|org\b|ca\b|uk\b|tv\b|name\b|ly\b)/iS:#:{
if (%links == 1) {
.kick # $nick 2 | /describe $chan Whoa! $nick $+ , Didn't you read the rules below?? Take this time to read them B)
:text:!Links on:#:{
%links = 1
describe $chan Links are now going to get Timeouts.
on *:text:!Links off:#:{
%links = 0
describe $chan Links are now Allowed.

seems to work for what i need.. Do you have any idea how i would add a Mod checker to my code above?
Btw, Im just learning if you couldn't tell, or i would use your code.. its a little to advanced.. want to try to make my own for the most part.. or atleast use ones that i understand instead of just copy and pasting and having to ask how to do everything... Thanks again guys.. This is a awesome forum..Everyone is so helpful

Oh yeah how do I post my Code in the boxes like you guys are? i dont see a option to do it.

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