Protheus commented on a Page, Protocol JANUS  -  Dec 06, 2011

Yea that dosent work, besides the fact that it's twice as convoluted as my original snippet. Mine was simple and it worked. Yours is complicated and (at least to a beginner) looks like gobbledegook. I am not trying to insult you, as i have great respect for you and the other "Elder Coders"® lol. Nor am i ungrateful for your help. But as was stated when i started this account: I write simple snippets for beginners. My dialogs are simple and not very populous. This is not for lack of knowledge. I know quite a bit about mSL, but to the majority of "regular" users, things like $regex (btw, why is everyone on here stuck on $regex?) are useless and far too advanced. I script for the little guys, and for now, that's not gonna change. :P

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