jaytea commented on a Page, r_cycle.mrc Regain Ops Channel Cycle Script  -  Dec 05, 2011

lol, another script that is hardly overworked / inflated.

although 'hardly' is most commonly used to mean 'barely', 'scarcely', etc. i have to assume you meant to use it in its archaic and almost contradictory form ('forcefully' or 'aggressively') which is the only way your comment could even come close to making sense.

your comment is, of course, rubbish.. but there is one thing that concerns me about it. i'm not concerned that raccoon is likely to take your comment seriously (after all, i believe he's been programming since before i was born), nor am i concerned that anyone else is likely to take it seriously. after all, what can you say about a guy who insults someone for putting time and effort into a quality product? what worries me is the idea that YOU might take your comment seriously. hopefully it's something you'll grow out of.

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