`Kazuma commented on a mIRC Bot, QBot v0.6  -  Mar 13, 2006

Div1nity: \"The antiviruses now are showing that even mirc.ini is a hacking tool\". Mine havent ever picked \"mirc.ini\" up as a hacktool or anything. Maybe certain ones like, Panda has. Panda picked my friends up as a virus. And another time \"mirc.exe\" as a Backdoor.Trojan over Norton.
Question: How would a DLL be a library to show webpages? And I have heard before somewhere something called HTML.dll is a hacktool. I\'ll try to find the page though.
Question 2: Dont you think Hawkee wouldnt submit something that has to do with hacking, which is against the law? If it did have a hacktool Hawkee wouldnt submit it. I didnt pick up anything in this script with my AV\'s as a virus/trojan/worm/hacktool. But it really depends on what AV you\'re using. I\'m using AVG and Norton.
3) An AntiVirus software wont help except to detect and remove it.
4) A Flood Hacking tool? How would you know if it was a \"flood hacking\" tool?

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