TMFKSOFT commented on a Page, mIRC Coder tools  -  Nov 29, 2011

As easy as it is to set %something.something you can do that for variables that differ and arent fixed.

I were tired and for some reason if i didnt init the var before returning my mind would implode, i should fix that.

I've not tried that but my gut instinct would tell me it wouldn't work, excuse me if it does work.

I've never tried $eval() so i have no idea how to use it, thansk for letting me know i will get around to learning it!

I've never devled into $hget() and so forth so i never thought to try it, and the bracket mess was the result of me messing with the brackets used in my topic script, so thanks for pointing out about simplyfying it.

I love working it out and hey its fun! some people dislike that concept and prefer the intelligent method which i dont so there you are!

Thanks for the feed back guys, ill apply the simplified brackets and sort that silly return!

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