Lucius commented on a Page, mIRC Coder tools  -  Nov 28, 2011

while you are at it why don't you add in:


then you wouldn't need to actually know how to use IRC at all. You'd just have to learn those commands instead...

yes that was sarcasm, sorry. I don't mean to be an ass but seriously?
why not make the variables use mirc's built in /set and /unset along with /echo
that way people can learn the right way of doing it, and just add some echo reply information which mirc doesn't do as standard like: your variable was set/unset.
The closest I can see to useful is the getvar but that is easily accomplished with //echo -a %varname

There's no reason I can see for this at all. One of the first things someone learns for coding is the /set and /unset along with /echo -a
this just confuses the issue with unneeded complications.

If you are going to make a coding help script, why not run it as an interactive script that people can do themselves with mirc's normal commands. If It's for a bot then it's even easier, just make the bot pose hypothetical variable names and ask them to answer them.

how can I remove my variable? it's called: %kick.count.ROOMNAME (reply with !answer ...) !answer /unset %kick.count.ROOMNAME CORRECT! how do I check what is in my variable? it's called: %brb.count.ROOMNAME !answer /echo -a %brb.count.ROOMNAME Close! remember to use double slash. /echo -a will show the name, not check inside it. Use //echo -a now that would be useful for learning. As I can see right now you are just making new commands to learn and adding a bit of info to it.
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