_Dean_ commented on a Page, isowner alias and isprotect alias  -  Nov 20, 2011

the isprotect operator works... i think you dont know how to use it...
from the mIRC help file

isprotect if v1 is a user in your protect list for channel v2 (v2 optional)


If you are on a channel and you have channel Op status, any users that match the nicknames in the protect list will be automatically protected. mIRC does this by kicking or de-opping anyone who tries to kick or de-op your protected users.

the isprotect, on mIRC is an operator for conditions, in this case it will check if v1 is a protected nick on your protect list... i just give you a tip, for, why not use isadmin, instead isprotect, since it may confuse the other ppl...

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