MashhitDK commented on a Page, TVRage 10-Minute-Prior Quick Schedule Announcer  -  Oct 29, 2011

The edited script posted should work if it creates the files...
Not sure if it's a version problem... but it will not "work" / announce anything besides 10 minutes before show(s) airs

Also you should note that times will be jacked if the bot time isn't GMT-5 ( and even their some times will be of.. like UK and Aussie shows )

Just tested and working here... ( Running mIRC Version. 6.35 )

  1. ( In the channel you wanna activate it for ) Right click ( to get menu )
  2. Click Enable Auto Announcer to enable it...After a few secs ( depending on your setup ) it will echo Auto 10-Minute-Prior TV Show Announcer Has Been Turned On!
  3. Enjoy / Wait for it... ;D
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