Kentaro Kurosaki commented on a mIRC Script, n3rd v1  -  Oct 26, 2011

@Isabel if you register the channel, your nick, and the bots nick you should be able to keep the channel, if you want the bot to stay in there, look for a bnc for it, that way the bot or you can stay online even if your computer is off, provided you exit the right way.

And @TeQh I love your bot, though I've been making a few changes to it, allowing it to join multiple channels etc. plus adding addons and the like to it :) Though I still keep your info in a separate place so if people want to know the maker, it will say you :) Plus making many aliases, and ways to interact with it, changing trigger to ! so to differ from the botserv bots, and the addition of a logging script that i devised.

Have fun, and continue working

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