Lucius commented on a Page, DCX Switchbar  -  Oct 13, 2011

for dcx... treebars? hmm a little checking gave me:

if ($2 == rclick) && ($3 == 1)  { 
  if ($left($xdid(SwitchBar, 1, $4-).tvtext == $chr(35)) { hop $xdid(SwitchBar, 1, $4-).tvtext }

That theoretically would let you hop a channel on rightclick. Don't know that without testing it myself, but should be easy enough. if you use word matches in it too (other than the simple # I put) then you could make the right click content based.

I suppose you could even have a right click list if you have the skills with dcx xpopup to do it, then you could choose an action rather than a simple right click action. I can't see any real reason you'd need it other than the server window having a disconnect/reconnect option.

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