Savage_CL commented on a Page, Basic IRC command help script  -  Aug 31, 2011

Jethro_ you missed to biggest mistake he made :P

This belongs in Remotes, not Popups.

Also, the best way in my opinion to do this would be if statements... like this:

on *:TEXT:*:#channel here:{
if ($1- == !register nick) notice $nick First thing you want to do if you have not already is register your nick. /msg nickserv register [password] [email] is the command you need to use. To make sure you did it right, you should do a /whois nick on yourself. It should spit out Status: is a registered nick.
elseif ($1- == !Identify Nick) ...

I'm not typing the whole thing out. you get my point. This allows you to more easily change the channel and reduces the load on mIRC.

Finally, with nickserv etc, you can use "/msg nickserv update" to update your modes. (even though you don't need to because channels can't turn off "automode" unless they just give you access lower than that level."

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