UTUCS.com-Admin commented on a mIRC Addon, SB-FTP v1.01  -  Apr 16, 2004

This is a great script. I\'d recommend this rather than any old FTP client. You can use this when you don\'t want to open your FTP client. Like me, sometimes I don\'t want to open my FTP client, WS_FTP. This is a great client for when you\'re on a dial-up and can\'t get an FTP application. I highly recommend it as one of Hawkee.com\'s top scripts. There probably wouldn\'t be a better FTP client made out of mIRC. I may be wrong, but this is probably the first FTP client out of mIRC. Great knowledge of UNIX if you are able to make an FTP client. At least I run this every day, so I\'m able to remember the Linux/shell commands, since our server runs on Red Hat Linux 9, soon Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 AS. I must say, though, that this is a must-have script for portable computers like laptops.

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