Cheiron commented on a Page, IrcOp Tools V 0.C.7  -  Jul 11, 2011

I now use this on 4 networks and have 5 different opers using this code independantly since me and punky got the main issues out of the way through testing and him fixing.

one point i would like to make clear though that is omitted is on the IRCop Chat interface...

to keep clutter down .. untick locops and globops otherwise it will fill with server spam very quickly.
to do this .. open the IrcOP Chat Interface and in the top left corner .. click config and untick the 2 boxes i just mentioned

also you may notice when you set glines or view spamfilters etc .. in status you get error messages

ignore these as its due to a timer on the reload of the items on the dialogue. it has no impact on the running of the code.

nicklist and channel forbid.. you may notice this will ONLY list 50 max on each.. this is hard set on anope's services.conf .. if you want it to show more, then you need to hard edit that block and restart services.

i have found one bug for PuNkTuReD to fix however .. thats on the global interface.

when you set a global on timer it send the message twice each time not once.

otherwise, i've had no complaints from any of the opers i have given this code too prior to PuNkTuReD releasing it here so its a like and 10/10 mate.

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