ManicWaldo commented on a Page, Black-list v2.1  -  Jun 22, 2011

napa182 - You didn't understand what I said. This is what you said ...

"That is what a blacklist does it kick/bans them when they try to join a channel they are blacklisted from."

So let me make it clear .. it does NOT do this. IF you remove the ban that was set on the server .. it won't work. The blacklisted nick is allowed back IN.

When you MANUALLY do a kick/ban .. the ban goes on the server. I have a limited number of nicks that I can maintain on the server. So I have to remove them from the server to have room for more bans. SUPPOSEDLY .. the black list will id the nick upon entry from its list and kick/ban them again. But it AIN'T happening with this script.

So I may as well fill up all the slots available on the server and simply manually ban them .. since THIS BLACKLIST will let them back in.

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