jaytea commented on a Page, just a code to build on to  -  Jun 06, 2011

ok useless script not even pertaining to this but oh well im bored

<script type="text/vbscript">
document.write("I am bored lets go eat!")

an odd example given that it is doomed to not work outside of IE or any browser that includes a VBS interpreter. Firefox & Chrome don't, to name a couple :P document.write() is a method of the DOM (Document Object Model), an environment which, within a browser, is shared by both VBS and JavaScript. now, JavaScript IS supported by many of the popular browsers, so that's the script type we should prefer in these cases.

of course, it still serves as a introduction of sorts to the syntax of VBS, even if its use within a webpage is anything but commonplace.

i'm pleased to see you didn't post it as a new snippet though ;) perhaps Tweek could take a page out of your book

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