jaytea commented on a Page, just a code to build on to  -  Jun 06, 2011

imo you should explain what the snippit does for people who are browsing and are interested, perhaphs explain the purpose of it ._.

the problem is he has no more idea about this snippet than the average user. he's found a few VBS examples online, ran them, observed that if he copies and pastes various parts then he can add on to and reproduce existing behaviour (something that any primate on this planet is capable of doing :P), and crudely pieced these snippets together.

ok, this shows that he's perhaps trying to learn the language, which is admirable. but we do not need to see all points of his learning curve, especially not these snippets that he himself cannot adequately explain and into which he's put little to no effort.

wscript.sleep 1000 is a kinda time limit to when you want the person to do something.

what you meant to say is "pause the currently executing script (thread) for 1000ms (1 second)". this is what happens when you don't understand something, you spew nonsense and it leaves those users who were actually interested in your snippet uninformed, or worse, misinformed.

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