Bielie commented on a Page, new URL Blocker  -  Jun 01, 2011

I think you should try to solve the !istok part with something else. Because if someone wants to block more then 3 websited they get way too long lines. Maby an alias that checks a file with the websites in it?

Plus maby add a line that messages the channel that someone has sent a link that isnt allowed. This should be simple to add!

:) For the rest good job!

RydeZ  -  Feb 15, 2018

I believe the script only block URL that is not on the allow list however if the way he has it only allow 3 website then I would agree changing to allow more site.

It would be nice if the owner of this script would update and set it where the bot will not kick staff or add a exception where only those who is on the exception list can post non-allowed domains.

Also the script need updating it should not be kicking bot such as weather bot when user are checking there weather and the weather bot get booted from the channel.

otherwise it is a pretty good script "Good Job" Please update Thank you!

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