XpLoiTeR commented on a Page, Begining Protections  -  Jan 21, 2006

here is my review :
the snippet has many bugs and no error checking .. first in the on :ban: section ,,, first u didnt check that the nick isnt urs .. in other words try to ban urself and u will get kicked so the ban have to be like
on @
if ($banmask iswm $address($me,2)) && ($nick != $me) {
.mode $chan -b $banmask
msg $chan Now banishing $nick $+ ...
.ban -k 4 350 $chan $nick Banned!
thats the first error...lets get to the point..in the on :op: its totally wrong to use $deop as i think it doesnt exist...the op/deop identifier is $opnick in addition to that u didnt add checking that ur not the one deopped urself...even u cant use ban on deop cz u didnt reop urself .. so it will be like
on @
:DEOP:#: {
if ($opnick == $me) && ($nick != $me) {
hop $chan
.notice $nick Do not Deop me.
.ban -k $chan $nick Bye.
the last point and its the on *:DEOWNER: ... where did u know abt that event..??

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