RusselB commented on a Page, Whois dialog  -  Jan 18, 2006

@noMen: Thanks for your notes. The reason for the double $1 in the .whois is due to the fact that the person\'s idle time wasn\'t being returned when I used just the single $1. I thought I read in the help file about using /whois to get the information from the server that they were connected to, rather than the network.

The EXIT button is automatically disabled until the .whois information for the specific person has been recalled.

@anthalus: No, I haven\'t. This is the first time I\'ve heard of them, but I\'m willing to check them out.

@RoninWarrior: This is twice (that I can recall) that you\'ve mentioned about dialog alignment in regards to a dialog script/snippet that I\'ve done, yet I don\'t know what you mean. I need details about what it is you feel needs to be aligned and how it should be aligned.

I tested the dialog out on my own system at various display levels and it looked good to me at all levels.

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