RoninWarrior commented on a Page, /pause  -  Jan 14, 2006

Fiber i have to totally agree with you on just about everything you have stated but i for one dont grade very high on anything just because it has been done a hundred times just coded diffrently i understand your frustration though to get a low score on something you have done is degradeing and to some people it really punches then hard as it did you but for you to get mad or upset that to me isnt you if you want to get point across show everyone that comes just how you do it buy your codeing for mIRC and the others things you do take it to a how nother level and we will follow or atleast try to anyway you have some serious skill for mirc scriptting for sure i have learned alot from your code that you have posted here in the past couple weeks or so , so instead of saying good bye say this is the way scriptting should be innovate! and there are alot of others also i have seen here submitt things that are not to there normal level yonix russleB xDaemon tye hawkee tank59 and there are many others also i can list i by far am not even considered being remotly close to any of you guys when it comes to scriptting but i read and learn from you all it would be a shame for you to leave when you have so much to offer so on that note march on solider and lead everyone in to a whole new era of irc!

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