tank59 commented on a Page, /pause  -  Jan 14, 2006

twocents on

It\'s obviously your choice, but I and many others still want you here. Your contribution of code is phenominal and very useful. I agree, the rating system here is weak, but I don\'t think that the majority of people who matter look at that when examining a piece of code. It would be better to get rid of a rating system completely on snippets as far as I\'m concerned. After all, they\'re here for peoples use, and learning. Not competition of who can make the best script. If you want your code ranked, submit it as an addon. After all, I think you\'ll get a low score from someone who doesn\'t like you, your coding style, or the code itself, anywhere you post. It\'s not like the other sites have a sign at the front page saying: \"Only professional scripters allowed.\" The rating system just might be better at those sites. Hopefully you\'ll change your mind.

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