Yoinx commented on a Page, /pause  -  Jan 14, 2006

I agree that this snippet does deserve (if the rating system was used properly) at least an 8 or 9. In respect to the way people use the rating system though, this snippet get less than a 10.

I\'ve seen some code, that really does nothing. Yet, its being scored like its the Best thing since Sliced Bread.

Personally though, I ignore the scores. Because there are so many people who can\'t code very well (not that Im the best) who score the snippets with no real basis to be submitting a score on it.

The snippet scores DO have little (Neat) (Useful) tags that would make you think you\'re only grading what it does. However, You should be grading the snippets on 1. Functionality 2. Coding 3. Error Checking. Being that to me, those are the 3 most important factors in a snippet.

And this is coming from someone who gets fairly high scores, even though my coding is generally sloppy.

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