FiberOPtics commented on a Page, /amsg & /ame  -  Jan 12, 2006

Oh btw, I forgot to mention, there is a HUGE mistake in your code.

$scon(0) returns the total amount of open server windows. Let\'s say this is 3.

You are looping from %t = 1 till 3 then, with %t being 1, 2, 3.

You then do: scid %t, which will set the active server window to the one that has as $cid the value %t.


The $cid of a server window, is a gloval variable in mIRC internal\'s, that is not reset until you close mIRC. When you open a new server window, mIRC checks this value, increments it, and assigns the new value as the $cid to this server window.

Let me illustrate where I am going with this:

->You have 2 server windows open, with $cid\'s 1 and 2.
->You close server window 2, and then open a new one.
-> The new one now has $cid 3, but you still only have 2 server windows open, with $cid\'s 1 and 3.

Do you notice how when you are looping, you will try to do \"scid 2\" which will try to set the active connection to a server window that doesn\'t exist!

The trick here is not to use /scid, but to use /scon. /scid takes a $cid, whilst /scon takes a number that represents the N\'th window, which is what you are looking for.

In our example, when you do scon %c, it will set it to the second server window, which is the one with $cid 3.

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