jaytea commented on a Page, My mIRC Theme(Edited)  -  Mar 26, 2011

you're welcome! the problem, in case you are interested, is that when you used /query, or double clicked a nick in the nicklist to open a query window, a portion of the code containing a circular definition was activated:

alias query {
  hquery $1
alias hquery {
  .query $1

   [ ... ]

/query calls /hquery, which in turn calls /query, which then calls /hquery again, and so on. this endless cycle of /query and /hquery eventually (after 128 cycles) causes mIRC to display the error that you encountered. the solution was to use /!query - with an exclamation mark - which tells mIRC to bypass the custom alias definition and call the internally defined /query command, which does not call /hquery back. this behaviour is, i imagine, what the author intended

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