Raichu commented on a Page, Misc Tools  -  Jan 11, 2006

XpLoiTeR I have had it with you, Look at your own scripts! You obvjiously DONT know what you are talking ABOUT.

U call making this a script:

alias pol {
echo -a The Result Is ---> Pol( $+ $1 $+ , $+ $2 $+ ) =12 $sqrt($calc($calc($1 $1) + $calc($2 $2)))
Average Score: 1.3
Scores submitted: 3
This isnt scripting 2. If you say THIS snipped is scripting then ryu.dragonryder MAKES AN TEN TIMES BETTER SCRIPT then you do!

Average Score: 6.0
Scores submitted: 1 for this script...

STOP running your mouth on this.Your scripts are worse then any (etcept Sasuke\'s scripts..)

U cant call this a snippet? You just gonna say that WHEN your own scripts(arnt even scripts) arnt even a snipped?

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